Techenfold Limited 

Tech Enfold is a highly innovative custom software development company based in Kigali, Rwanda. The company was established in March 2019 to provide cutting-edge technical solutions to businesses, NGOs and governmental institutions. The services offered include maintenance & support, application development, product engineering, call center, devops and data analytics.

Vision and Corporate Motto

Tech Enfold was founded with the vision to develop high quality software solutions in Africa, with Africa and for Africa. This means that a focus on building software products locally by young, talented and ambitious Africans who are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and to achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Tech Enfold emphasizes on capacity building and offers a myriad of training courses to the communities, internships for those who want to gain more practical experience and full-time positions to underprivileged groups, such as ethnic minorities or physically disabled persons. Moreover, they highly focus on gender equality and empowering female developers in order to put an end to the extreme female under-representation when it comes to software engineering jobs and to encourage young, talented women to start a career in the Tech Industry.

Business Activities and Professional Services


Tech Enfold offers maintenance and support for any services and products provided or any other third-party vendor and a customer centric call center


Tech Enfold provides a variety of application services and processes to enhance businesses in terms of maintenance, management, customization of application.


Tech Enfold assists its customers through the entire product lifecycle, from feasibility studies, building their idea up to featuring their product on an app store.


Tech Enfold provides Devops services that automate end-to-end delivery cycle with increased productivity and Data Analytics, where they deliver customers valuable insights into their businesses.