The Do4Africa platform is an original initiative from the consulting firm Tactis and the Smart Africa Alliance

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    The French Agency for Development (AFD) finances and accelerates projects that help in the transition towards a more durable and just world. Climate, biodiversity, peace, education, urbanism, health governance … : their teams are involved in more than 4000 projects in France and its overseas territories and in 115 other countries. AFD thus contributes to France’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. AFD equally supports the Digital Africa initiative of which DO4AFRICA is a founding member.

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    Opendatasoft is the European leader for all platforms designed to give access, share and reuse data for all types of private or public. Opendatasoft is a software publisher founded in 2011, specialized in the transformation of structured data into APIs and into interactive displays (charts, maps, graphs). Based in Paris, the company supports users wishing to share and visualize data on subjects related to government actions, economy, health, transport, education, culture, energy and environment.

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    Pyco Group

    Founded in Belgium in 1999, Pyco is a development and consultant firm that provides digital solutions. PYCO helps businesses reimagine, conceive and accelerate their digital transformations thanks to their dedicated onshore and offshore teams. PYCO specialises in : Web and mobile developments, consulting and ressources management, with a build, operate and transfer model. Pyco employs 550 people in 9 cities and 5 continents.

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