The Algerian drivers' social network

Project description

Winny is a mobile application for drivers in Algeria. Relying on crowdsourcing, it allows users to inform each other in real-time on traffic and roadworks. In order to collect information on the traffic, the application sets a livestream up, with 45 seconds long spots originating from longer videos, as well as five to six images automatically taken on the spot. The application is programmed as to not disturb the driver. In the absence of 4G or 3G connection, photos and videos will be saved and published afterwards. Soon, a GPS navigation will be launched via Winny. At the moment, Winny has been downloaded 14 000 times and consists of 400 users - which falls short of the success other similar applications like Waze or Google Map find. For the CEO, the solution would be for the application to be installed in the mobile device already, before it is being sold.


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Project summary

  • Organization OKN Technology
  • Location Algérie
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category Smart CitySmart-economy
    • Geo-tracking system

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