A wearable fetal monitor, designed for expectant mothers in need of advanced attention and care before and around birth.

Project description

Wekebere Limited, a Ugandan based e-health startup has developed a solution that gives a simple wearable fetal monitor to expectant mothers in low-resource -constrained facilities where standard monitoring equipment is too expensive and not appropriately designed. This wearable is a lightweight belt with sensors that picks vital parameters from both the mother and the fetus, this information is processed, stored, analyzed on the cloud system that extracts features from the mobile app which helps the mother to connect with their unborn babies and view real-time information.

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Project summary

  • Organization Wekebere
  • Location Ouganda
  • Creation date 20/10/2020
  • Project category eHealth
    • Mobile application
    • Telemedecine

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