An application for babies' health

Project description

In order to combat respiratory distress of infants, striking in Africa, the Nigerian Charles C. Onu has started developing Ubenwa in 2014, a mobile application using artificial intelligence to scan the screams and cries of new bornin order to detect any risk of asphyxiation and facilitation their care. Presented at the Global Humanitarian Technology in California and at the Tech4Dev of the UNESCO in Lausanne, Ubenwa, then in its project phase, allowed Charles Onu to get a sponsorshp from the Canadian Foundation Jeanne-Sauvé in 2015, after which he entered the University of Health of McGill (Canada) as a researcher in AI and founded the eponymous startup in 2017. Two clinical tests of the application will take place in 2018 in Montreal (Canada) and Port Harcourt (Nigeria).

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Project summary

  • Organization Ubenwa
  • Location Nigeria
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category eHealth
    • Mobile application
    • Telemedecine

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