The Cairo Smart City

The Egyptian capital turns smart

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Initiated in 2015 by the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi through New Administrative Capital Company, which is jointly owned by the Ministry of Housing, Public Utilities and Urban Communities and the Army and in partnership with the Emirati Capital Group City Partners, "The Cairo Capital" is a project to build a new smart administrative capital in the East of the country, between Cairo and Suez. The Smart City model, with its pillars, information technology, connectivity, smart grids, intelligent transportation and smart management, is expected to create thousands of jobs and boost the economy. The new city, which covers an area of 700 square kilometers, will feature artificial lakes, while students will enjoy a wide range of facilities in approximately 2 000 educational institutions. And, with respect to health, there will be 663 hospitals and clinics. The city will also include 1 250 mosques, 40 000 hotel rooms, a Pharaonic amusement park, 90 square kilometers of solar farms, an electric rail link with Cairo and a new international airport. The ultimate objective is to decongest Cairo, asphyxiated and paralysed by overpopulation and traffic jams and thereby improve the quality of life, and to relocate the main administrative buildings, institutional seats and diplomatic representations. The construction project, which began in 2016, has already built 25 000 homes and 390 kilometers of motorways. And according to the schedule of works, the move of the presidential palace, the Parliament and the thirty-two ministries should take place in June 2019.

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  • Organization State of Egypt, Groupe Capital City Partners
  • Location Egypte
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category Digital-InfrastructuresSmart CitySmart-economySmart-environment
    • Smart city
    • Smart resources managing
    • Smart transports

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