Realisation of the fibre optic’s national backbone

With this backbone, Centrafrica will conduct many digital projects

Project description

The Central African network of fibre optic should be contributing to the diversification of the national economy as well as of the openong-up of different digital areas of the country. This network includes several fibre optic projects, including the implementation of a national Datacenter, the digital transformation of the public administration (e-gov), the build of twenty-some communal digital centers along the route of the fibre optic to facilitate the population's access to ICT, the implementation of a digital formation center and a corporations incubator at the University of Bangui. The achievement of the national Central African backbone is backed by the African Development Bank (ADB) up to 16,7 millions of euros and by the European Union up to 16,6 millions of euros.

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Project summary

  • Organization Central African state, African Development Bank, European Union
  • Location République centrafricaine
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category Digital-Infrastructures
    • Dematerialisation of procedures
    • e-administration
    • Open data
    • Telecom

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