Peek Vision

An application to detect ocular diseases

Project description

In the world, 285 millions of people suffer form visual impairment, 39 millions of people are blind and 80% of this blindess can be prevented. More than two billions of people do not have access to ocular care. As a consequence, millions of people suffer from a visual deficiency that could have been avoided. It is sadly those that are the most in need that lack healthcare. To reverse the trend, Peek vision wishes to offer new solutions to medical practicioners thanks to new technologies and smartphones: eyes exeaminations can be performed thanks to mobile cameras, severly damaged patients can be geo-tracked for their case to be reported to doctors and for them to be easily found despite the deficiencies in addressing remote areas.

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Project summary

  • Organization PeekVision
  • Location Botswana
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category eHealth
    • Mobile application
    • Telemedecine

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