Matibabu: a medical centre developed by Ugandan students

Project description

Matibabu ("medical centre" in swahili), is an application developed by Ugandan students, aimed at diagnose paludism without having to restort to blood sample, pricks, microscopes or any medical laboratory. The patient introduces their finger in the "Matiscope", an infrared detector plugged to a smartphone. The infrared then penetrates the skin to detect red blood cells. It obviously does not have a microscopical precision to detect the plasmodium that is the cause of paludism, nor the type or number of parasites but detects the infected red blood cells because of their changing shape and chemical structure. Matibabu proceeds to an analysis of the cells and gives a result within seconds. This operation does not necessit the presence of any medical expert. The results are directly saved on the Skydrive online server to be quickly transferred to profesionals. The application is operative, but the Matiscope is still under development.


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Project summary

  • Organization Matibabu
  • Location Ouganda
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category eHealthSmart-societal
    • Risk management

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