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Ezzayra, Tunisian startup, overtunrs the way farmers traditionally work in inventing an entirely digitalised farm, where the farmer is as highly connected to their field as to the more advanced digital technologies. This startup has developed three solutions for an agriculture of profitable and competitive accuracy, among which the agricultural robot Atlas, an autonomous tractor rechargeable with solar panels. Ezzayra has also developed AgriManager, a built-in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which allows for the monitoring of the way tractors are driven via sensors, for the traceability of the harvest thanks to a QR code and for managing stocks in real-time.

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Project summary

  • Organization Atlas
  • Location Ghana
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category Smart-economySmart-environment
    • Agri-tech
    • Robotics
    • Smart resources managing
    • Software

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