Africa Cardiac Care

The access to medecine to the most people thanks to telemedecine

Project description

Cardiovascular diseases are said to kill about 17 millions of people in Africa every year. Specialists are lacking and several citizens live far away from big health centres and hospitals where those specialists are. In Cameroon, ther are sixty-some cardiologists for 23 millions of inhabitants. The project Africa Cardiax Care, supported by Himore Medical, allows patients subscribed to the programm to take an health examination in a medical centre not far away from their place and to be monitored by cardiologists remotely. Examinations are performed thanks to a cardio-pad and then transmitted to a cardiologist via the Internet, who'll examine them and send the patient their analysis and its recommendations. This initiative allows patients living in zones with a little acces to cardiologists to take examinations regularly and to benefit from adequate healthcare before it's too late.


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Project summary

  • Organization HimoreMedical
  • Location Cameroun
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category eHealth
    • Telemedecine

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