TEKXL is an incubator founded in 2014 in Cotonou by Senam Beheton and Ulrich Sossou. With the slogan “turning a good idea into a startup”, it combines concepts of incubation, acceleration and venture capital investment. Over a period of 3 to 6 months, the startups they “incubate” have a technology, a training, a workspace and a complete financing to turn their ideas into new businesses through evolving business models. In 2016, the incubator sets up Teklions, a program aimed at project leaders in French-speaking Africa. The startups that will be retained at the end of the selection will benefit from a global support over two years. Specifically, TEKXL provides funds to cover operating and marketing expenses until startups are profitable. It also provides technical support and capacity building for startup members: digital marketing, development, user experience, startup management, expense management. It has eleven startups, including the famous HappierCo, Botamp, Mentorat, Pikiz, Queezly and Chaperone. Tekxl is partnered with the NGO Etrilabs (based in Cotonou, Parakou and Dakar), which helps developers, social entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, businesses and governments to create and / or use innovative technological solutions.