Wangu is an application whose aim is to connect Zimbabweans thoughout the world. It allows Zimbabweans to find compatiots who live nearby their place and communicate with each other. It also facilitates communication within families and communities spread around the world. Emmanuel Noah and Daniel Bloch met at the University of Michigan where they studied together to found BenBen. Their startup is thought and conceived as a solution to a current and extremely disadventageous issue, common to many countries of the South: the obsolescence of land registers and ownership titles conservation methods. Too often, the documents related to land register and land ownership are all maintained on hard copies. Through blockchain technologies, BenBen offers a new property managing method, less prone to corruption and more transparent. The foundation Bill and Melinda Gates has invested in the startup up to 100 000 dollars and BenBen was able to integrate the incubator of Cambridge University, to show their trust in this project and all opportunities for the future.