RippleNami is a data visualization platform that uses blockchain technology and allows anyone to map their desired data. With their cloud services, they are able to visualize real-time data points using a metaphor that is understandable for their customers. The user is able search for the information they want or upload the information on the application. This information is visualized and localized on the map. RippleNami can accept all sorts of data and can access any file format or data feed that the user might need. With real-time updates and multi-user support, teams can collaborate anywhere in the world to help the user gets the information they need on a map. RippleNami has deployed an application in Kenya that helps to track livestock by putting an RFID tag on a newborn cow, therefore its information is loaded in the system so that the veterinarian can see if the cow has got the vaccinations, track their migration, get access to the needed information on the cow for its entire life thanks to the RFID tag on the cow which help to update the info directly on the cloud.