The Tunisian startup iFarming, created by two Tunisians, offers its IoT solution Phyt’Eau, which allows farmers to manage their irrigation in near real-time from the analysis of external parameters and their type of culture. Innovation appears like an improved weather station with a central base of 2 x 0,5m working with a battery – photovoltaic, with time -, probes buried under the floor and sensors on plantations. It all connects data on ten-some criteria (humidity of the soil and the air, the temperature of the air, the wind, etc.) every thirty minutes and establishes every hour a newsletter with advice on irrigation according to the type of culture and the stage of development: flowering, fruit set, maturation, etc… The product offered by the young startup has caught the attention of IBM who made a partnership with the founders of iFarming, Rabeb Fersi, and Samir Chebil.