Thinvoid Tambula

Facilitate small transports professional's activity thanks to ICTs

Project description

Tambula, born in 2011, is a program of Thinvoid, a startup that aims at securing motorcycle-taxi professionals, a dominating mode of transportation in Uganda and one of the biggest employers for the youth. Tambula offers solutions for motorcycle-taxi to facilitate the daily practice of their profession. The most emblematic ones are GPS tracers supply or the device allowing drivers to pay to fill up their tank in delayed time via their mobile. The startup targets a young audience concerned with the exclusion form traditional financial systems and seeks to change work organisation in trades where professionals are often precarious and prone to uncertainties.

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Project summary

  • Organization Thinvoid
  • Location Ouganda
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category Smart CitySmart-economy
    • Empowerment
    • Geo-tracking system
    • Public transports

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