Synoos Studio

Cultural, educational and playing platform for Children

Project description

“Synoos” is a cultural, educational and playing platform for children on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and social media, the purpose of this project is to implement a new vision in terms of content at the same time entertaining and educational in the Arabic language but also in other languages, by exploiting the proliferation of the smartphones and tablets, and aiming to help children to tame the difficulties, and reach a content which addresses them directly without the need for translation, nor the use of content which was not designed for them.

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Project summary

  • Organization Synoos Studio
  • Location Villa N°2 cité Sorepim, Ouled fayet, Alger، Ouled Fayet 16000, Algeria
  • Creation date 17/06/2020
  • Project category E-education
    • e-education
    • Platform

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