Senegalese law available to all

Project description

The online platform SunuLex identifies Senegalese legislations and allows citizens to acquaint themselves with their rights thanks to a site where the information is clear and centralised. This initiative of the lawyer Nafissatou Tine is the consecration of her will to improve the access to legal texts in a country where answers to basic legal questions are nonexistent. Bedises fundamental legal texts, the platform lists academic works and consists of a directory to find law practicioners. The founder of SunuLex wishes to add new functions to its platform based on artificial intelligence to treat questions directly asked by users via a recorder and plans to develop other web platforms in neighbouring countries.

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Project summary

  • Organization SunuLex
  • Location Sénégal
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category E-education
    • Digital library
    • Platform

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