Secure Drive Company

A startup that aims at reducing mortality on the road

Project description

To reduce the number of car accidents that hurt and kill thousands of citizens each year by the means of prevention and quick intervention is the mission the Tunisian Ahmed Ghamgui aims at accomplishing via the mini black box dedicated to personnal vehicles he developed with his SecureDrive Company startup incubated in ESPRIT since 2015. Equipped with shock sensors and a speed calculator, the device is able to state in real-time on accidents and alert the closest hospital and the relatives via SMS. It is a detection and automatic declaration solution or road accidents occuring in remote or witnesses-less areas, to reduce intervention delays and save lives. One year after its creatin, the young shoot has already extended its service to the entire zone of the Maghreb.

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Project summary

  • Organization Secure Drive Company
  • Location Tunisie
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category Smart CitySmart-mobility
    • Security
    • Smart transports

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