A platform to reduce power consumption

Project description

For a better electricity managing within South African households, Johan Theron, technical director of the company PowerOptimal, created PowerGuard in 2016. PowerGuard is a devise consisting of a built-in voltage stabilazor, to connect directly to the domestic electricty distribution box to which are thus connected all of the electrical appliances of the household. Its purpose is also to estimate the maximum quantity of needed energy for daily operations, prioritise and cap electric consumption to a certain level in order to reduce energy consumption and save money without affecting daily tasks. At a higher scale, the use of it by all households would allows providers to master their production and reduce offloadings, too frequent in South Africa.

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Project summary

  • Organization Johan Theron
  • Location Afrique du Sud
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category Smart-economySmart-environment
    • Mobile application
    • Smart resources managing

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