Couple new technologies and citizenship participation for a better managing of waste

Project description

Launched in 2016, MOPA is a platform for participatory monitoring of municipal services created by UX Information Technologies, a Mozambican social impact tech firm. Its pilot program manages waste disposal but its agile design can support any public service. UX plans to expand into recycling. Residents of the Maputo Municipality can report the location and type of sanitation problems over the phone through unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) technology, 7 Android app, or on MOPA’s website. The city government receives the alerts tagged with the location and type of issue. The government then informs the neighborhood’s designated micro-company of the issue, and when the problem is resolved, an SMS is sent to the reporter.


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Project summary

  • Organization Mopa
  • Location Mozambique
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category E-govSmart City
    • Citizen participation

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