A full technology stack for building and running financial services.

Project description

JUMO is a start-up that offers people who are often excluded from the banking system the opportunity to take out loans or subscribe to savings products using their mobile phones. Jumo has built a large-scale, multi-sided technology platform and designed progressive financial choices to reach those people. They use their digital footprint to create a financial identity using only behavioral data. It has developed a credit scoring algorithm that allows the client’s ability to repay a loan to be estimated based on data on their use of their mobile phone and electronic wallet.


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Project summary

  • Organization Jumo
  • Location Afrique du Sud,Côte d’Ivoire,Ghana,Kenya,Tanzanie,Ouganda,Zambie
  • Creation date 12/02/2021
  • Project category Smart-economy
    • Fintech

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