Jambopay a payment business company

Project description

In 2009, A Kenyan young entrepreneur launched Jambo pay an online payment gateaway that allows users to securely make and receive payment through their mobile phone. It is not located in Kenya but also in all countries in east Africa, which means you can send or receive money with someone who is in another country in East Africa or across the world through your Jambopay application in your phone , members of Jambo pay can purchase goods and services online while sellers can receive payments made online. Jambopay has helped and still helping many citizens in many different countries since its less expensive compare to other online payments applications.

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Project summary

  • Organization Jambopay
  • Location Burundi,Kenya,Rwanda,Tanzanie
  • Creation date 08/10/2019
  • Project category Smart-economy
    • Application
    • Fintech

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