A cloud repository for digital education content

Project description

eShuri is a Rwandan cloud repository for digital education content that uses interactive methodologies to distribute classes online, apart from being a vehicle of contents, eShuri is also a social network for Academia and a market place for online courses. This cloud-based subscription includes both individual and collaborative learning opportunities. Learners can progress at their own pace from anywhere and have remote access to hands-on activities, either in a virtual lab or simulated environments. This enables learners to apply what they have been taught in a practical way, reinforcing learning concepts. It is a learning management system for high-schools and universities. Features include virtual classes, parent engagement, assessments, multimedia graphics, videos, tests, reports, etc.


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Project summary

  • Organization GiraICT
  • Location Rwanda
  • Creation date 16/11/2020
  • Project category E-education
    • e-learning

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