Drone Africa Service

The production of civil drones

Project description

Drones are being more and more developed on the continent because they offer advantages adapted to the local reality: vastness of the territories, low costs of using, rapidity of airway transportations, etc. In Niger, the company Drone Africa Service went for the production of civilian drones (differing from military drones, first models ever to see the light) dedicated to aerial photography as well as other services targeting multiple sectors: agriculture, environment, protected areas surveillance, prevention and risks and disasters managing, construction industry, communication, tourism, etc.. The startup aims at becoming the leader of the aerial imagery in West Africa.

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Project summary

  • Organization M. Kountche Abdoul-Aziz
  • Location Niger
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category Smart-environmentSmart-mobility
    • Drone
    • Smart resources managing

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