A startup in the service of the access to water

Project description

The use of prepayment to make essential services more affordable is being developed in Africa. Hence, the startup cityTaps displays a water counter connected and prepaid, allowing its users to buy via prepaid mobile options, the amount of water they're willing to use. This solution allows unpriviledged riparians to access to drinking water, home-based, at affordable prices (without going through unofficial networks providing with an often dirty and expensive water): they benefit from subsidised tarrifs while performing their due payments along with their consumption, debited by a smart counter. Furthemore, this service enables more priviledged users to better master their consumption and opens the way to a more responsible use of drinking water.

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Project summary

  • Organization CityTaps
  • Location Niger
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category Smart-environment
    • Mobile application
    • Smart resources managing

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