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First developped under the SMS formula to be available even without the Internet, Brainshare is an e-learning application available on diverse supports. It provides students with pedagogic content and offers a range of services. It was developed by Charles Muhindo to address difficulties on the access to school, as well as the lack of Internet connectivity in Uganda, especially in rural zones of the country. Besides the web platform, Brainshare exists under the shape of an application of charged and stored content in the internal memory of the computer (or the tablet) for those benefiting from an Internet access. as part of the proposed features, the possibility for teachers to load their course on the platform, to be remotely available to students, but also consulted by the parents, becoming a managing tool for teachers, students, and the administration. The platform consists of about 100 000 users in three countries: Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. It adapts, moreover, to different school levels, fro elementary to university. The startup won the MTN Innovation Awards.

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Project summary

  • Organization BrainShare
  • Location Rwanda,Tanzanie,Ouganda
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category E-education
    • e-learning
    • Mobile application

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