The automaton of "la Marocaine des e-services"

Project description

"La Marocaine des e-services" and Algo Consulting developed an automaton branded "e-kiosk" allowing citizens to undertake their administrative procedure such as the legalisation of documents or the certification of true copies. It takes place in the national progress towards the dematerialisation of administrative procedures strategy and the fight against corruption (some administrative agents would demand a payment for free services or provide some free ones when they're not in the first place). The purpose is also to enable citizens to gain some time by performing these procedures on e-kiosks on the city scale instead rushing into far-away administrative centres.

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Project summary

  • Organization La Marocaine des e-services, Algo Consulting
  • Location Maroc
  • Creation date 09/05/2019
  • Project category E-gov
    • Dematerialisation of procedures
    • e-gov

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