Africa Smart Citizens

A twofold solution to combat cattle theft

Project description

Africa Smart Citizen is a company that offers an alert and geolocation system, resistant to water, sunlight, and energy self-sufficiency, which signals to the farmer an intrusion or theft on his farm. They propose a Smart Enclosure which detect any intrusion into the enclosure through doors, walls, and windows, and a Smart Tag which allows the geolocalisation of the animal, the detection, and the sending of alert against any attempt of vandalism. The objective of Africa Smart Citizen is to contribute to the improvement and modernization of animal farming in Senegal.

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Project summary

  • Organization Africa Smart Citizens S.A.S
  • Location Sénégal
  • Creation date 09/02/2021
  • Project category Smart-environmentSmart-societal
    • Agri-tech
    • IoT

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