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Gumzo : Video conferencing made in Africa

Discover the 1st African video-conferencing application that ensures better quality calls with crystal clear video and voice signals.

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  • Peng


    Peng is a platform that allows fans to pay low, medium, or top-rated African celebrities to deliver short, personalized video messages. They provid...

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  • PiCortex


    PiCortex helps businesses digitize, monitor & scale their operations by providing meaningful insight to operational data in real-time, creating...

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  • Patatutor


    Patatutor allows parents and students to find, compare, book, and pay for affordable, verified, and professional private academic tutors. Parents c...

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From agriculture to finance, every sector of the economy is transformed by digital technologies. New actors spring up, bringing added value-creating solutions up in the field. Smart-economy promotes these kind of initiatives while displaying an ecosystem that’s favourable to their very own development.

Smart City

Digital technologies offer a plethora of opportunities to answer to urban challenges such as the provision of urban utilities, mobility or environment. Either in existing cities or in new urban developments, these new solutions based on Information and Communication Technology are implemented to improve citizens’ lives.


Whether it be entrepreneurs, NGOs or public structures, there are numerous actors that have identified digital technologies as an empowerment and inequalities reducing tool. Initiatives proliferate to answer local or transnational social issues.


E-health solutions aim at proposing new answers to sanitary issues that African countries are facing: lack of medical staff, difficulty in gaining access to care, prohibitive cost and unawareness of pathologies are as much challenges e-health African actors are trying to address.


The speeding up of the deployment of broadband technologies, whether it be national backbones or 4G networks, is sensitive in majority of African countries that engage in or conduct such wide extent projects. aims at backing up the digital transformation of these territories through the showcase of projects undertaken by public and private actors.

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