Do4Africa organization aims at boosting the development of digital innovations in Africa. The project’s origins lie into one key question: how can we reinforce African digital innovation projects visibility? We know that this visibility is a key factor for the emergence and the development of innovative projects that can bring solutions throughout the continent, and beyond.

Moreover, open data portals are crucial to the understanding of every country on the continent. Open data portals suffer from lack of accessibility and reliability which is why Do4Africa’s founders created a platform that can bring solutions thanks to two main tools :

  • A digital platform relying on a sharing strategy (crowdsourcing). The main objective of the platform is to gather a large scope of innovative projects founded by diverse actors (startups, private groups, governments, citizens, etc.) on the whole continent. The platform also offers access to open data portals that are identified by our teams.
  • A yearbook presenting the evolution of digital innovation in Africa

Do4Africa is a non-profit organization that relies on the following principles:

  • Open data
  • Collaborative approach
  • Neutrality
  • African governance

Governance models

Do4Africa is a non-profit organization, ruled by the legal jurisdiction of the French Loi 1901. This legal frame offers the ability to work with key players at national and international levels.

Today, the association is governed by TACTIS and SMART AFRICA and wishes to involve more stakeholders of the African digital ecosystem.

Do4Africa was orignally created by: