Sensors for a better agricultural managing

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    The agri-tech, or the use of new technologies (sensors, drones, GIS, reduction of intermediaries, mobile banking, etc.) in the agricultural field, is more and more developed in Africa, with numerous projects and startups launched these past few years. It is the case for the young Nigerian company Zenvus, which uses electronic sensors to collect data on the soil regarding its humidity, its nutrients, its temperature, its pH. This data is to be sent via mobile phone to a Cloud server, and then analysed to adapt irrigation or fertilisation to the conditions of the soil. The startup also uses drones to monitor the health status of the field and detect drought and pest. Hence, farmers are more and more connected and informed on their field, which allows for an increasing of their agricultural production.

    Tags: Agri-tech, Drone, Mobile application, and Smart resources managing



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    Smart-economy and Smart-environment


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