Xenom Energy

Xenom Energy

Oil and Gas Industry Digitized in Africa

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    Xenom Energy is an energy tech start-up which was set up in Kenya which is easing B2B access to petroleum products in Africa. By connecting independent fuel station owners to Oil Marketers through a tech-enabled and operations driven marketplace. The startup is tackling a massive issue. Independent station owners in Eastern Africa alone do business of $25 billion annually. Xenom Energy currently operates in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, DR Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda, with its headquarter in Nairobi, Kenya. They have partnered with both local and multinational oil marketing companies and independent station owners such as GP Global, Prompet Energy, Fuel Link Energy, Texas Energy, Igal Energy, Agal Energy, Petromaisha, Riva Petroleum, Aspam and many more.

    Tags: Application, e-trade, Fintech, Renewable energy, and Web platform



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    Xenom Energy


    Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda

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