Vite Kenya

Vite Kenya

A gas distribution platform

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    Vite Kenya is a company dedicated to bringing technology investments to domestic gas distribution companies. The company is based on the evidence that there is a huge amount of small, undeserved businesses that need business solutions, but do not have the revenues to hire corporate management companies to do the work. In addition, many consumers are victims of low-quality, dangerous LPG, which puts them at high risk with an inefficient current home delivery system. Vite offers both an online business management solution and an on-demand delivery platform for cooking gas (LPG), via a mobile application, the Vite-LPG app. Needed by the hassle that people meet daily to ask for gas delivery, the platform operates on four values: speed, accuracy, convenience and quality. The delivery solution includes customers and suppliers where customers can place their online delivery request via the platform.

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