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    To generate income thanks to waste managing and to hasten their transportation to recycling factories with the “clean city” objective is the mission the startup Wecyclers – founded in Lagos by the entrepreneur Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola in 2012 – is committed to ensure. The 22 millions of inhabitants in Lagos produce each year 10 000 tones of waste, yet the waste managing public service only handles 18% of it. This initiative works on a citizens participation basis, with an SMS system that reports the presence of waste for agents to come collect them. Today, Wecyclers consists of more than 15 000 users rewarded with bonus points for each one of their action that they can exchange for electronic devices or money. For three years, it collected 3 000 tones of waste and created 120 stable jobs. It uses a cargo-bike fleet to transport the waste to the recycling facotry. It then resells pre-sorted, cleaned, decontaminated, dried and compacted kilos of waste, treated in their own factory. The startup is funded by all of those incomes. Numerous partners and investors back Wecycler up for it showed itself successful, among which Unilever, DHL and Shoprite.

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