Zipline drones

Zipline drones

The unprecedented use of drones to deliver pockets of blood

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    The partnership between the Silicon Valley company Zipline and the Rwandan government gave birth to an innovative device whose impact on the citizens’ health is crucial: since 2016, twenty-some hospitals and medical centers are able to order blood bags in emergency cases and have them delivered by drones. This significantly hastens the delivery and enables medical practitioners who are working in zones where donations are rare to save lives. The drones can bear up to 1.5kgs cargo and go up to a 90km/h speed. Geo-tracked, the device is monitored and programmed to deliver the cargo in a perimeter around the area the ordering originates from. This initiative shows how new technologies can have a crucial impact on health.

    Tags: Drone, e-health, and Geo-tracking system



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    Zipline, State of Rwanda



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